9 Facts About The Savage Rose

By Nanna Lund

9 Facts About The Savage Rose

The Danish band The Savage Rose has been called one of the most underrated bands in rock history for good reason. They have released 25 albums and toured the world for over 50 years. Below are nine facts about the dreamy psychedelic rock band.

  1. The Savage Rose was formed in 1967 by Thomas Koppel, Anders Koppel, Alex Riel, Jens Rugsted, Flemming Ostermann, and Annisette Hansen (later Koppel). The band is still active. They are known for their mix of classic music and psychedelic rock, led by Annisette's unique vocal and stage performance. She is the only original member in the current lineup. 

    The Savage Rose in 2012 at Tobakken. Foto: Peter Langwithz Smith.

  2. They did their first concert in 1968 at the newly opened stage Plænen in Tivoli in Copenhagen. 

  3. While touring in the US, they were offered an American record deal. However, the contract fell through, because it would have forced them to play for American soldiers in Vietnam. As (now former) members of Denmark's Communist Party/Marxist-Leninists, they were pacifists and refused to participate in the war. 

  4. Their peaceful and strong political engagement has given them the opportunity to visit unusual places and show their support to people in need. In 1980, they went to Lebanon to play at Palestinian refugee camps. They also performed at a docker worker strike in Denmark, supported the Stop George Bush demonstrations in 2005, and played at the demonstration supporting the two men who threw paint at the Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen. 

    Annisette is an Ambassador for DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture

  5. The debut album "The Savage Rose" is a part of the Danish Culture Canon, a list of 108 works that represent the most significant and important works in Denmark’s cultural heritage. Most artists would have been proud to make the cut, but The Savage Rose didn't want to be a part of a list made by a "culture-less government." 

  6. Savage Rose has released over 25 albums. The singers Björk and Kate Bush have mentioned them as a major influence. You can see one of their first performances here: 

  7. Annisette and Thomas Koppel got married on September 11, 1999. They have two daughters, Billie and Naja, who are both singers. They have contributed to The Savage Rose records and been on tour with their parents. 

  8. Thomas Koppel died of a heart attack unexpectedly in 2006, while playing the piano during a vacation in Puerto Rico. 

  9. The Savage Rose celebrated 50th anniversary in 2017. Their newest record "Homeless" was released the same year. It includes the song "Woman" 

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