"EYESCAPE": Live Perfomance by Christian Lemmerz & Lars Top-Galia

By Lamia Rasmussen

"EYESCAPE": Live Perfomance by Christian Lemmerz & Lars Top-Galia

At the end of August, we had the pleasure of experiencing a live art and music performance by the Danish artist Christian Lemmerz and the guitarist of Sort Sol, Lars Top-Galia.

The event took place in one of the great halls at Copenhagen Contemporary and was a total of six performances over six nights in two weeks. At each performance, Christian Lemmerz painted a large white canvas with dark black paint to the tones of Lars Top-Galia and his electric guitar.

"Black and white is the essence of all colours. At the moment I reach the strongest expression only using those two." says Christian Lemmerz.



There was an intense and neurotic feeling in the room as the tones of the music started hitting the audience through a massive setup of speakers. The speakers were turned against the artist who passionately started his work of art. For about 25 minutes the music from the electric guitar played non-stop, as Christian Lemmerz carelessly brought his art to life in the eyes of the curious audience.

After the performance, we asked the artist if he usually listens to music when he works on his art. His answer was short and prompt: "Never".




The performance with Christian Lemmerz and Lars Top-Galia was no coincidence, as Christian Lemmerz is the artist behind the album cover “Stor Langsom Stjerne” by Sort Sol which was released in 2017. Christian Lemmerz tells that he has known the band for many years and that they together chose the drawing for the album cover. 

Our interpretation and design of the album cover are still available at the museum shop at Copenhagen Contemporary, and at our web-shop. Check it out here!




You still have the chance to experience the exhibition of the six artworks by Christians Lemmerz accomplished by the music of Lars Top-Galia at Copenhagen Contemporary. The exhibition is open until November 11th, 2019. 



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