Sneakers at Roskilde Festival 1983

By IEX Collaborator

Sneakers at Roskilde Festival 1983

Back in 1983 when Roskilde Festival only included 62 koncerts and a ticket was 200 kr. (€25), the Danish band Sneakers played at the iconic main stage "Orange". The Orange stage was opened by Mek Pek Party Band, and Tøsedrengene, C.V. Jørgensen, TV-2, Lars Lilholt and Kliché also played that year. 

Sneakers set a new standard for pop music in Denmark in the early '80s, with their heavy bass and catchy lyrics song by Sanne Salomonsen. The koncert at Roskilde marks the heyday of Sneakers. The following year they released the album Katbeat, which became their last.

Play the video below to see a young Sanne Salomonsen in action, and get an entertaining look into the '80s.

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